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technoJAM 2014 - December 6th, Ormskirk

technoJAM is a new and exciting event being run in the heart of West Lancashire on December 6th. The aim of the event is to introduce teenagers to new technologies as a hobby. Further details >

Raspberry Pi Workshop

Come and see what exciting things you can do with a new £30 computer.

Hacking Minecraft Workshop

Take control of Minecraft and develop your hacking skills.

Amateur Satellite & FunCube Workshop

Receive signals from a real satellite performing experiments out in space.

Much more...

Radio direction finding, Morse code, see Amateur Radio in action and free prize draw.


Next Event

Lancashire Day - 29th November.

Celebrate Lancashire Day and toast the Duke of Lancaster, HM the Queen on air with the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club.

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Next Training Course / Exam

Intermediate course - 1st & 8th November, 2014.

We will be running an Intermediate course at the beginning of November. If you would like to attend, you can now register on-line or by post.

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Next Meeting

Monday, 17th November @ 20:00.

Cross Country Wireless are coming to talk to us and demonstrate their products. Bring some money as there'll be products for sale.

Where we meet...

technoJAM 2014

technoJAM 2014 launched

technoJAM is a new event for teenagers in Ormskirk that aims to introduce them to different technologies as a hobby on 6th December, 2014, in Ormskirk.

Cross Country Wireless

Next SADARC Meeting – 17/11/2014

The next meeting of the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club (SADARC) will take place on the 17th November at 20:00. This month we have Cross Country Wireless attending to talk to us and demonstrate their products.

VHF National Field Day

Latest RSGB Club contest scores uploaded

The latest scores have been uploaded to the RSGB Affiliated Clubs Contest page.

SADARC - Southport & District Amateur Radio Club

Is low power a handicap?

Operating QRP (low power) is often thought to be a challenge, QRP being generally accepted as transmitting less than 5w of power from the transceiver. However, I was recently looking at calibration of S-meters on transceivers and made an interesting discovery that I hadn’t realised before. Given that there are two…