86 Colinmander Gardens, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4TF
01695 573 870 info@sadarc.org.uk

Southport & District Amateur Radio Club

Amateur Radio, Electronics & Computing in Sefton, West Lancashire & North Merseyside

A technical hobby

Amateur Radio enthusiasts enjoy using and developing all sorts of technologies to communicate around the world and even out in to space.

A community hobby

Amateur Radio clubs celebrate local and national events by promoting them with special event stations - any excuse to get a radio out!

A social hobby

Amateur Radio is all about communicating and making friends with people in our local community and all around the world.

A serious hobby

When the going gets tough, Amateur Radio provides emergency radio cover in times of civil disaster and supports local community events.

Who are we, what do we do?

We're an active club with four main aims; to promote Amateur Radio and related technologies, support existing Amateur Radio enthusiasts, encourage new people in to the hobby and assist our local communities. Amongst other things we organise...

Meetings & Skills Nights

We meet twice a month; the 1st Monday enables you to share, obtain new, and enhance existing skills whilst on the 3rd Monday we have visiting speakers, talks, business meetings and on-air nights.

HF and VHF/UHF Contests

Contesting can be great fun; several club members take part in various contests during the year to earn points for the club in various RSGB contests. Why not join in!

Special Event Stations

Special event stations promote Amateur Radio to the public and celebrate various local and national events; they're also a great opportunity to get to know fellow members better.

Training Courses & Support Programmes

We run one Intermediate and two Foundation courses each year together with an annual Advanced exam. We also run a new licencee support programme; the Brickworks Project.



Saturday, 25th June
GB5PPF - Park Praise Fun Day
@ Coronation Park, Ormskirk

Training Courses / Exams

Foundation Course
10th & 17th September 2016

Intermediate Course
4th & 11th June 2016
5th & 12th November 2016

Meetings & Skills Nights

Monthly Meetings
Held on the 3rd Monday of month

Skills Nights
Held on the 1st Monday of month

Where we meet...


CQ GB2WCR – OK Sparks! Radio Day at RMS Wray Castle

On the weekend of the 7th May, 2016 members of the Furness Amateur Radio Society and the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club (Stuart [G0MJG], Rebecca [M6BUB] and Derek [G7LFC]) joined forces to operate a rather special, special event station at Wray Castle. Wray Castle – a potted history Wray Castle…

VHF National Field Day

Latest RSGB Club contest scores uploaded

The scores on the RSGB Affiliated Clubs Contest page were updated on the 26/04/2016.

SADARC Challenge

SADARC Challenge Launched

At the March meeting of the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club (SADARC) the Contest Manager launched the SADARC Challenge; a series of activities for club members to part in throughout the year and compete for the title of ‘Challenging SADARC Member of the Year’. The first event, the QVXZ…

SADARC - Southport & District Amateur Radio Club

Walter Bevan (2E0BZF) Silent Key

It is with sadness that we have to report the passing of Walter Bevan, 2E0BZF. We were informed by his son, Andy (M0DGA) that he passed away in hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning (3rd March) having battled for some time with illness. Walter passed his Foundation course…

SADARC - Southport & District Amateur Radio Club

GB5OGG – OGG Camp Special Event Station

The Southport & District Amateur Radio Club have been asked to run an Amateur Radio special event station at this year’s OGG Camp, a free technology event to be held in Liverpool on the 31st October and 1st November. This is an excellent opportunity to promote our hobby to other people with an…