2014 AGM – Chairman’s Report

The past year was another successful year for Southport & District Amateur Radio Club. New ways of providing training were explored and an increase in numbers of members attending themonthly club meetings was observed.

The Southport & District Amateur Radio Club committee positions held after the 2013 AGM elections were:

Chairman: Peter (M0MGY)
Treasurer: Roger (2E0BMO)
Secretary: Rob (G0HRT)
Course Administrator: Rob (G0HRT)
Equipment Officer: Gordon (2E0GTM)
Membership Secretary: Dorothy (G4VYP)
Special Events Manager: Chris (2E0XJP)
Publicity and Media manager: Geoff Welch (2E0XDG)

The Committee decided that the membership fee for the year 2014 will be reviewed as for several years the contributions have not increased and a rise in contributions to the RSGB and rent for the Church Hall is anticipated. To that effect the club’s Constitution needs to be amended and a revised version of the Constitution will put forward to the club members for approval.

A statement of the club’s financial position will be provided by Roger 2E0BMO, the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club Treasurer. To sponsor some additional income for the club, the monthly Raffle continued and the suggested minimum contribution for tea and biscuits has been set at 50p.

A rise in numbers of members contributing to club evenings e.g. by way of providing presentations was noted during the year 2013. Club members also took part in Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) events which were well attended. It is expected that this trend will continue in the next year. Other initiatives from members resulted in proposals to start up and support projects for the coming year such as an aerial building session, presentations on Sport Radio, /P – SOTA and digital modes.

Although it is recognised that more streamlining of club activities is desirable, some necessary changes are already on track: the review and improvement of training for foundation, intermediate and advanced courses; introduction of Buddy Scheme to support newly licensed Amateur Radio operators, revision and updating of the SADARC website to name a few.
New ways of working with external stakeholders were explored, such as the provision of open and part-funded advanced training courses in partnership with Southport College. Unfortunately this initiative was terminated by Southport College, but this had no adverse impact on the delivery of training due to the creativity and support by Club’s training committee.

Members of the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club regularly take part in the Radio Society of Great Britain’s UK Affiliated Clubs contests on the VHF and UHF bands; Roger 2E0BMO will provide an overview of these activities.

The club also supported several special events e.g. Lancashire Day to promote the radio hobby in general and more specific the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club; the club also participated in events such as the SOS Radio Week and International Marconi Day and is expected to do so in the coming year.

Don Atkins M1BUL was honoured with a life time membership for his exceptional and passionate support to the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club over the years.

The Club have adopted a new club logo after consultation and approval by its members.

The year concluded with a very successful and enjoyable club meeting including the traditional Christmas raffle and the ever popular and famous ‘most wanted’ (or junk) sale. There can be little doubt that 2013 was a very good year for Southport & District Amateur Radio Club and I anticipate the coming year will be even better!

It should be noted however that if the club wants to continue to be successful in the coming year the following need to be supported:

  • Streamline training
  • Do more on external publicity
  • Fill up vacant posts in the Committee permanently
  • Feedback and support by club members about desired activities

Thank you and my Best wishes for 2014,

Peter (M0MGY)