2014 AGM – Equipment Officer’s Report

Firsly a big thank you to Brian G0JCQ for the huge supprt he has given both myself and the club in the past years.

I now have all of the club equipment in my possession and as you all know we have been going through it, there were some items that where donated to the club that we felt we would never use so these have been checked cleaned and either sold or are to be sold, proffits to be reurned to club account to aid in the purchase of future equipment.
An important request to all members, please consider carefully your wish to donate unwanted equipment to the club, unless we have a strong need for an additional piece of equipment, it is likely at the end of each year we may decide to sellthe equipment to aid club funds, I mention this now to avoid offending members.

All of the equipment owned by Sadarc is in good condition and we have moved forward with safety during special events.
We need to decide very soon about the replacement of our club projector as the current one we have is in poor condition, giving problems during a recent training day.

One more small request to the members we do not see very often at special events, it does take considerable efforts to arrange and set up these events and my thanks go out to all involved, but we would be very grateful for a little extra support when we set up and tear down the station, just an hour so here and there would be very much appreciated.

Thank you, any questions?

Gordon Moon