2014 AGM – Special Event Manager’s Report

I started to compile this report and I was surprised at the activity achieved during the year.

19th January – GB5RNLI  SOS Radio Week event at RNLI Lytham

25th January – G100RSGB Centenary Station operation

20th April – GX2OA  Marconi Day

18th May – Mission 125 Celebration at Cottage Lane Mission

18th/20th October – GB48SAS JOTA (Jamboree on the Air)

23rd November – GB5LD Lancashire Day

You could add to this the further Club activities of the VHF National Field Day in June and the ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) Treasure Hunt on 22nd September but I shall not steal the relevant organising members’ thunder.

All the events were successful and most enjoyable. It was extremely satisfying this year to receive visitors to the stations. Some members who were unable to offer full assistance but felt they would pop in to show support and some “foreigners” who had heard us on the air and popped in to see what was happening.

All those who operated the Centenary station are entitled to a personalised RSGB Certificate. SADARC raised over £200 for the RNLI. During JOTA, due to combined input of tuition, message passing and testing many of the Scouts gained their Communications Badge and one has gained his foundation licence.

I could not close my report without some thankyou’s. Firstly to Gordon (2E0GTM) for providing the right equipment in the right place at the right time. You may not be aware that the trailer is part of the business so come close of play on Friday he sets to converting for ladder masts and loading all the equipment ready for early starts the following day.

Thank you to the full licence holders (G0JCQ, G3OCR and G7LFC) who obtain the various NOVs to enable our events to be a little more ear catching.

Finally thankyou to all the members who gave up their time to set up and operate the various stations. An hour or a day, every little helps and is really appreciated.

I shall be issuing the 2014 calendar shortly but don’t forget SOS week and keep in touch through the website.

Chris JP Dennis (2E0XJP)