1. Name

The association shall be known as the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club and in the following document is referred to as the ‘Club’.

2. Aims

The Club is an un-incorporated ‘not-for-profit’ association whose principal aims shall be to:

2.1 – Further the interests of members and their participation in all aspects of amateur radio and directly related activities, including training and assessment towards achieving an appropriate amateur radio licence and callsign to operate on amateur radio bands as required by OfCom.

2.2 – Provide training and assessment to non-members as in 2.1 above with the anticipation they will join the club and become active members.

2.3 – Promote amateur radio to the local community and for other charitable purposes.

2.4 – Hold regular meetings for its members and circulate news and discuss topics of interest by means of on-air radio nets and its website or by other electronic means.

3. Membership

3.1 – Full membership shall be between 21 and 64 years of age and will have full voting rights at all Monthly, Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings.

3.2 – Senior membership shall be aged 65 and over and will have full voting rights at all Monthly, Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings.

3.3 – Young adult membership shall be aged from 18 up to 20 years of age will enjoy full voting rights as 3.1 and 3.2 above.

3.4 – Family membership shall be for one full membership fee plus any other family members as adult or young person (18 – 20 years) at half the respective full membership fee. There is no charge for junior persons under the age of 18 years

3.5 – Honorary Life Members will enjoy full voting rights.

3.6 – Associate Membership shall be for those aged 18 years or more, who live 50 miles or more from Southport town centre and wish to stay in contact with the club by amateur radio net, Email or other electronic means. They will not enjoy any voting rights.

3.7 – An application for membership must be made in writing on the approved Club application form and sent to the Membership Secretary with the appropriate fee. An applicant is required to sign this form to confirm that all details given are correct and that the Club is authorised by the member or prospective Club member, to use this personal data for purposes defined under the Data Protection Act 1998 and outlined in Appendix 2. A membership renewal application form and fee is required to be submitted to the Membership Secretary each year in January and re-authorises the Club each year to retain personal details.

3.8 – All members shall abide by the constitution of the Club.

3.9 – The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose conduct, in the view of the Committee, renders that person unfit to be a member of the Club. However, no member shall be expelled from the Club, without first having been given an opportunity to appear before the Committee to discuss the issue, but if after due consideration the member is expelled, the decision of the Committee shall be final on the matter.

4. Subscriptions

4.1 – The Club’s financial year shall run from 1st January to 31 December.

4.2 – Annual subscriptions for membership of the Club shall be determined by the Committee and any changes, submitted to members for approval at the Club’s monthly meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting, called specifically for that purpose.

4.3 – Membership subscriptions shall be due for payment on 1January in each financial year.

4.4 – A member shall be deemed to have resigned from the club if their subscription has not been received by 31 March and a formal notice to that effect shall be addressed to the member by the Membership Secretary, advising them of the Club’s decision to suspend their membership.

4.5 – In special circumstances, the Committee shall have the power to waive or reduce a member’s subscription for a period not exceeding twelve months.

5. Finance

5.1 – All monies received by the club shall be promptly deposited into the Club’s bank/building society accounts.

5.2 – Any operating expenses in excess of £200 shall be approved by the Committee and any corresponding cheques signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated officer of the Club.

6. Club Equipment

6.1 – Before procurement, capital expenditure in excess of £200 shall be agreed by the committee and approved by the Membership.

6.2 – At the Committee’s discretion, selected items of equipment may be made available on loan to Full members of the Club.

6.3 – All loans of Club equipment shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in the Club’s Equipment Loan Agreement and signed by the member taking out the loan confirming their agreement to be bound by such conditions.

6.4 – A list of equipment available on loan to members, shall be maintained by the Club’s Equipment Officer and made available at the each Monthly Meeting on request.

6.5 – Responsibility safe keeping of equipment loaned out for Club activities, such as Special Event stations, contests, amateur radio events and fetes,etc. etc., shall be jointly the responsibility of the Equipment Officer and the nominated Manager of the event, so as to remain insured under Club’s insurance.

7. Membership of the Committee

7.1 – The Club’s affairs shall be administered by a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting, or an Extraordinary General Meeting specifically called for that purpose.

7.2 – Committee members shall resign or seek re-election at each Annual General Meeting.

7.3 – Any club member seeking election to a Committee post must be nominated and seconded by a Full member or Honorary Life member. In the event of more than one member being nominated for election or re-election, a show of hands of only Members with full voting rights, will decide the successful member.

7.4 – The committee shall have the authority to co-opt members to help and support them in the organisation and running of special events and other club related activities.

7.5 – The Committee shall comprise the following officers Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Course Administrator, Equipment Officer, Special Events Manager and Publicity Officer.

7.6 – The roles of committee members are briefly covered in Appendix 1.

8. Committee Meetings

8.1 – A quorum for Committee meetings shall be four, each having full voting rights.

8.2 – In the absence of a quorum, business may be dealt with, but any decision shall be ratified at the next Committee Meeting when a quorum exists.

9. Annual General Meeting

9.1 – Annual General Meetings shall normally be held on the third Monday in January following the previous year closure at 31st December.

9.2 – The Secretary shall give fourteen (14) days notice of the Annual General Meeting to all members.

9.3 – A quorum for the meeting shall consist of ten members each having full voting rights.

9.4 – In the absence of the Chair, the Committee shall have the discretion and authority to appoint a Full Member who is not standing for election, to act as Chairman for the Annual General Meeting.

10. Extraordinary General Meetings

10.1 – Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the Committee or not less than five full members of the club, the date of such meeting to be decided by the committee.

10.2 – The Secretary shall give at least fourteen days notice of the meeting to members, together with an agenda and any other paperwork considered appropriate to the expressed purpose of the meeting

10.3 – A quorum for an Extraordinary Meeting shall comprise of at least ten members each with full voting rights.

11. Monthly Business Meeting

11.1 – Monthly club meetings will be held on the third Monday in each month except when the date falls on a Public Holiday or within fourteen days of Christmas Day, when the meeting will be moved to an alternative date at the Committee’s discretion.

11.2 – Club Business meetings will be held at 3 monthly intervals, with activity meetings arranged on the intervening monthly meetings.

11.3 – A quorum for a Club Business meeting shall be ten members, each with full voting rights.

12. Amendments to the Constitution

The Constitution may only be amended at an Extraordinary Meeting, expressly called for that purpose.

13. Data Protection Act 1998

After considerable discussion with staff at the Information Commissioner’s Office and on the Club Committee, it is clear that there is a requirement for the Club to register under the Data Protection Act 1998 and a full explanation is give in Appendix 2

14. Winding up of the Club

14.1 – A decision to wind up the Club shall only be taken at an Extraordinary General Meeting called expressly for that purpose.

14.2 – The funds of the Club shall, after the sale of all assets and the payment of all outstanding debts, be distributed as directed by members attending such an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Last revision as agreed at the Annual General Meeting on the 23rd January, 2014.