Become a Radio Ham

Licensed Amateur Radio operators are known as Radio Hams and getting involved in the hobby isn’t difficult.

If all you want to do is listen to shortwave radio broadcast stations, Amateur Radio stations, or other utility stations that you are legally allowed to listen to, simply obtain the equipment you need and off you go. Okay, you’d benefit from joining your local Amateur Radio club to learn the ropes, but other than that you’re free to go about your hobby.

However, if you want to communicate with other Radio Hams then you’ll need a licence; but don’t let that put you off. To obtain a Foundation licence you simply need to pass a test that contains less than thirty questions to test your basic (and we mean basic) understanding of radio communications and the implications if things don’t go quite as you planned.

The Southport & District Amateur Radio club runs three Foundation courses a year to prepare you to take the test. Each of these courses is different; one is a long course run over ten weeks; another is somewhat shorter and runs over six weeks, whilst we also run a course that runs over two successive Saturdays for those that just want to study the manual themselves and come and sit the test.

For further details, contact our Course Administrator now.