QVXZ Challenge

SADARC Challenge

The QVXZ Challenge runs from the 22nd March until the 30th April 2016.

The challenge involves working as many stations as you can with one, or more, of the qualifying letters (Q, V, X or Z) in the last three letters of their callsign. For example; G0JCQ, G0VOFand DK7VXZ all qualify as valid contacts.


QVXZ Challenge Rules

The following rules apply:

  • This contest is open to fully-paid up SADARC members
  • Only contacts made from the date members join qualify for the challenge
  • You can use any band except 60 Meters
  • You may use voice (phone), data (digital) or CW (Morse) modes
  • A station may only be worked once on each band using a given mode; so you can work the same station three times on a given band, once using voice, once using data and once using CW
  • Digital voice modes count as voice contacts
  • Cross-band QSOs will not count
  • Contacts during nets will count providing QSOs conform to the above definition
  • You must record the station’s callsign, signal report sent/received and their name
  • Callsign variants (e.g. /M /P) will not count for additional points

QVXZ Challenge Awards

Foundation Licence holders (M3/M6) will score two points per QSO.

Intermediate (2E0/2E1) and Full (G/M0/M1/M5) licence holders will score one point per QSO.

The following awards will be presented at the end of the challenge:

  • Best total score from all QSOs
  • Best score from voice QSOs
  • Best score from data QSOs
  • Best score from CW QSOs
  • Best score from 2m voice QSOs
  • Best score from 2m mobile voice QSOs
  • Best score from 80m CW QSOs

If a member is the winner of more than one award they will receive the highest scoring award only.

Submissions & Results

QVXZ Challenge Submissions & Results

A participant may only submit contacts made by one call sign except where the participant upgrades their licence during the challenge.

Participants may submit contacts using any legal prefix (e.g. G7LFC, GW7LFC, F/G7LFC) and suffix (e.g. /A, /P, /M, /MM, etc.).

Logs must be submitted within 10 days of the end of the contest.

Please submit by email (using the title ‘SADARC QVXZ Challenge’) to contests@sadarc.org.uk, or by post to Contest Manager, Southport & District Amateur Radio Club, 8 Greensward Close, Standish, Wigan WN6 0RY.

Results and prizes will announced on the 16th May 2016.

Weekly log submissions encouraged for display on web site leader board.


QVXZ Challenge Leaderboard

The following leaderboard shows the results to-date and do not represent the final results…

StationTotal PtsVoiceDataCW2m Voice2m Voice /M80m CW