National Science & Engineering Week

National Science and Engineering Week logoNational Science & Engineering Week (NSEW) is an annual themed ten day celebration of science, engineering and technology which will run 11-20 March, 2011, the theme for which will be ‘communication’.

Since 2001 the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club has been running its ‘Introduction to Radio Communication’ presentation, which has been tried, tested and honed over the years.

National Science and Engineering Week at a local school

National Science and Engineering Week at a local school

National Science and Engineering Week gets people to think about radio communication, how it works and how it can be used, through a series of hands-on experiences. Those attending get to communicate with each other using real radios, learn and use the phonetic alphabet, use Morse code to send a message and learn why it such a special mode of communication. Finally we establish a special event station to enable participants to talk to other Amateur Radio operators many miles away, even on the other side of the world if conditions permit.

This presentation is ideal for schools and colleges who would like us to be present for a whole day, but could also be adapted to feature in an exhibition type environment where people can just drop in for five or ten minutes.

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If you would like the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club to make a presentation at your National Science & Engineering Week event please contact us, ideally about four before the event is to run, for further information.