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Scouts are a multi-talented bunch; they can set fire to things using two sticks, navigate their way around the countryside using a pin and a piece of cotton and learn to be good citizens by helping and supporting others. They wear their achievements on their arms, for all to see, in the form of badges and one of the badges they can earn is for communication. This can take the form of Radio Communications, Communication Codes, or Mobile and Internet Communication.

Scouting jamborees

Scouts are famous for their Jamborees, a time when they can come together and meet fellow Scouts from different backgrounds, enjoy undertaking new challenges together and, ultimately, form new friendships. These Jamborees can be local events, national, or event global. They normally take the form of large camps at recognised locations and every district has them.

Scout using Morse Code

Scout using Morse Code

Radio jamborees

Of course, it’s not all that easy for everyone to travel to a National, or World, Jamboree in a different county/country dues to costs, availability of spaces and timings. So each year in October, the Amateur Radio community gathers to support Scout groups around the world host a virtual Jamboree whereby Scouts from all over the world can gather, communicate with each other and form similar long-lasting friendships as though they had met in person. The medium for this Jamboree is wireless communication, otherwise known as radio. Special Event stations, with special callsigns, will be established at Scout Groups, district headquarters and local camps, to aid this communication; organised and operated by licensed Amateur Radio operators. Some of these groups will also provide the Scouts with the means necessary to fulfill the criteria required to obtain their Communicator Badge and maybe even go on to take the Foundation Amateur Radio Examination and gain and Amateur Radio licence for themselves.

SADARC supports JOTA

The Southport & District Amateur Radio Club has links with local Scout groups and is able to run events for JOTA and other events that Scout groups maybe involved in.

Further information

To find out how we can help your Scout group, please contact us in plenty of time so that we can book the required resources. We make no charge for our time, simply any expenses we incur in running a station for you.