EMF Camp 2016 – you should have been there!

GB8EMF @ EMF Camp 2016

EMF Camp – Wow!!

That’s it really, there’s nothing more to be said – apart from, “EMF Camp 2016 – you should have been there”.

What was EMF Camp?

EMF Camp was a three-day festival in Guildford, but not of the music kind. This was fifteen-hundred folk of all levels of technical, artistic, creative and engineering skills sharing their interests with each other. It was amazing; there was so much to do and see and so little time to experience it all.

Who went to EMF Camp?

Derek (G7LFC) and Rebecca (M6BUB) went to represent the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), SADARC and Amateur Radio as a whole and operated GB8EMF during the event. But this wasn’t about operating, it was about sharing their passion for the hobby with other folk.

They spoke to lots of Amateur Radio operators from the past who hadn’t been active for years and encouraged them to get back in to the hobby as there was much new to rekindle their interest.

You’re already a radio amateur and you don’t realise it

They also spoke to lots of folk who didn’t actually know they were radio amateurs. Yep, it’s true, you don’t need an amateur radio operating licence to be an amateur radio operator. Some of these people where experimenting with radio transmissions in the licence-free parts of the radio spectrum, some were playing around with balloons and wireless telemetry, others were dabbling with various modes of wireless communication in networks. When it was explained that they were radio amateurs, several expressed an interest to explore the hobby further and a few expressed an interest in becoming licensed.

There were lots of other people that they spoke to who didn’t even know the hobby existed, but showed a lot of interest.

Communicating around the world without the Internet

They even made a presentation, which you can view online, on the Saturday morning about how we can communicate around the world without using the Internet, something which many people didn’t think was possible.

Bring on EMF Camp 2018!

Derek and Rebecca certainly had a great time, not only sharing their hobby with hundreds of others, but also learning about their interests and how they could be incorporated in amateur radio. They’re definitely looking forward to EMF Camp 2016 and you should too.

Further reading

Read a full account of the event on Derek’s web site.

You can see what Derek and Rebecca did during EMF Camp on their special GB8EMF Twitter page (@gb8emf).

Visit the EMF Camp web site for details about the camp and to see videos and presentations from many of the exhibitors.