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Every year members of the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club organise a national event called SOS Radio Week. SOS Radio Week is nine days of fun operating, working other Amateur Radio stations throughout the UK and around the world spreading the news of what a great job the crews of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution‘s (RNLI’s) lifeboats do saving lives at sea.

The RNLI’s crews are mainly unpaid volunteers that freely give of their time to go and rescue those in danger around our coasts and further out in to the oceans. They perform this selfless act in some of the worst weather known to man.

SOS Radio Week not only promotes the work of the RNLI, it also raises money for them since they rely solely on public subscriptions since the receive no funding from the government. Most of the Amateur Radio stations that take part in the event get themselves sponsored to raise money and, to-date, over £10,000 has been raised since the event started in 2010.

SADARC at Lytham Lifeboat Station

Rebecca (M6BUB) raising money for the RNLI during SOS Radio Week 2013

Rebecca (M6BUB) raising money for the RNLI during SOS Radio Week 2013

We have adopted the Lytham Lifeboat Station as the recipient of the money we raise and each year we run a special event station from the inshore boathouse.

It has now also become a tradition that one of our members, Rebecca (M6BUB), dresses up as a fox and stands outside with a collecting box to collect money from passers-by. Each year she does this, sometimes in cold and hospitable weather, and raises a lot of money whilst the rest of use operate away inside the warm and cosy boathouse.

Over the years we have raised several hundred pounds for the RNLI; it’s a great day out, why don’t you come and help us run a station? If you can’t do that then we always need people to help us raise money, so why not ask for a sponsorship form and see if you can raise £50 from your friends and family – it’s all for a great cause.

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